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he legal system views probation as an alternative to custody. The court places you on probation and orders you to comply with certain terms and conditions. These could require you to pay a fine, take classes or complete programs, remain law abiding, and even impose some amount of custody.

If you comply with those conditions, your probation will expire naturally at the end of the term of probation. If you violate the terms the court may impose additional terms, impose custody, and even extend probation.


he length of probation will be determined by the type of offense you committed. Misdemeanor probation is generally three years, but for some offenses, such as DUIs, the probation is five years. Felony probation can have longer probationary terms and I have even seen up to twelve years imposed.


hether you will have a probation officer also depends on what type of offense you are convicted of. Misdemeanor offenses have what is referred to as informal or summary probation which means probation to the court. You do not have a probation officer and you do not have to check in with anyone–you just have to not commit any other offenses. For felonies, however, a person is generally placed on formal probation and will have a probation officer that you must report to. On some felony offenses, the court will impose informal probation, but it depends on the nature of the crime charged.


or a lot of people, probation hinders moving on with their life. It prevents them from obtaining employment, going in to the Armed Forces, or traveling. If this is sounds like you, call today at (619) 333-0505 or write us an email through our contact me page to find out how you can obtain an early termination of your probation–whether it is felony probation or misdemeanor probation.


hen evaluating the odds of having your probation terminated early there are a few main factors to consider:

  • How much of your probation have you actually completed? The more, the better. Generally, having completed half the time is a good benchmark for the earliest a court may grant the termination–but there are circumstances that may warrant an early termination of probation.
  • Have you completed the requirements of probation? If so, you have a much greater chance of having your probation ended early. If you still have remaining classes or conditions that have not been completed, the Judge may deny the request.
  • The reason you are requesting an early termination? If you can show the Judge and the District Attorney a valid and legitimate reason, then your odds increase. If you can show the Judge you have completed the conditions, all you have is time remaining on probation, and it would be in the interest of justice to terminate your probation you will have a good shot at ending your probation early.

Contact EVLG today at (619) 333-0505 to learn more about terminating your probation early. We offer affordable rates and will act quickly to file paperwork on your behalf.

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