Your Best Bankruptcy Bet

Bankruptcy Law San Diego
Why a small firm?  Why not a Mill?  Why EVLG?

You have a lot of choices on who to go with for your Southern California Bankruptcy.  It can be hard to navigate the ads and find the right counsel for you.  We have prepared and filed many bankruptcies, but we have also spent time learning the latest trends and tricks, attending and participating in advanced training with the state and local bars.

Why choose a small firm for your Bankruptcy?

A small firm for bankruptcy is the best way to get hands on, personal attention that a successful bankruptcy really needs.  A small firm can catch the minute details and errors that can cause problems down the road.  Additionally, you will get more personal attention to your case and your needs, making sure that everything is calculated for success.

Why not a Bankruptcy Mill?

There are Bankruptcy Firms that file thousands of cases a year, making them seem like the best choice for your case.  However, just because these firms file quantity, does not mean that they are quality.  These firms are responsible for the majority of the mistakes during what should be a relatively simple bankruptcy.  These firms are also not qualified to assist in extremely complex issues that your case may have, nor can they devote the proper amount of time to it.  These firms often send your files to India to have someone input the information for pennies on the dollar.  They don’t pass these savings on to you, they spend them on advertising and assistants.  Some of these large bankruptcy firms have no more attorneys than we do.


At East Village Law Group, we have the experience, the dedication, and the savvy to help you with the right Bankruptcy.  Furthermore, we have actual attorneys prepare your petition, we handle your case every step of the way, and we have the legal knowledge and expertise to spot the red flags, the issues and the needs of the client, that big firms miss.  We have helped many California families and individuals with successful bankruptcies.  Let us help you.

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