Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Chapter 7 – Debt Relief

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy may enable you to get rid of all your unsecured debts. In most cases, if you have barely enough or less than enough income to live on, not counting payment of your credit card (and other unsecured) debts, you can make all of your credit card debts, medical bills and other unsecured debts go away.

If, however, when you look at your monthly budget you have a significant amount of cash left over without paying your credit card (unsecured) debts, you will probably not be permitted to proceed with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Instead you will be required to file a Chapter 13, also alternatively described as a “debt consolidation” which involves a payment plan commitment typically 5 years long.

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Here is what you will need:

  • A recent pay stub
  • Most recent tax returns
  • A credit report, if you have one, if not don’t worry
  • A list of your monthly expenses
  • Copies of your recent bills

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